Nourishment from the ground up

Acorn flour, acorn flour muffin mixes (gluten or gluten-free), acorn flour pancake mixes (gluten or gluten-free), and other acorn products.

  • The whole movement around supporting local producers and knowing where your food comes from, does not stop at meat, eggs and veg. The energy and passion that Jay puts into his craft really comes through every time you open up a bag of his flour. Acorn flour pancakes really do provide you with energy for the day and not just bog you down and gravies are deeper and more robust (and people WILL rave about your gravy !), Acorn flour takes baking to another level and adds nutrition to cookies, cakes and breads.
    — Christine H., Craryville, NY
  • "I love the unusual nutty taste of acorns, and Oaklore's flour lets me bring that to my breads with the tannins removed for me. It's a wonderful, gluten-free, all natural addition to my pantry. A little of this really flavorful flour goes a long way."
    — Emily C., Grantham, NH

Everything has a story, and every story needs a hero.  For Oaklore, the story has only just begun but the heroes are already many – small, smooth, and ripe for the gathering.  ACORNS.  The same nourishing bundles of goodness that were once a staple food the world over are back and ready for muffins, pancakes, and other exciting recipes right in your own kitchen.