Nourishment from the ground up

Acorn flour, acorn flour muffin mixes (gluten or gluten-free), acorn flour pancake mixes (gluten or gluten-free), and other acorn products.

Acorns provide excellent balanced nutrition.  Health benefits include:

  • Naturally gluten-free
  • Starches:  low glycemic index for controlling blood sugar levels, good source of fiber
  • Oils:  Predominantly monounsaturated,  providing long-term energy for sustained activity and satiety, reduces risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Protein:  High-quality and complete - contains all essential amino acids
  • Vitamins and minerals:  support a healthy immune system, growth and development

Acorn Flour Nutrition Facts

                 28.35g = 1/4 cup acorn flour

             28.35g = 1/4 cup acorn flour


Source:  http://www.nutritionvalue.org/Nuts%2C_dried%2C_acorns_nutritional_value.html